Training & Consulting


Wespak offers a range of NTB and NACVTTC Approved Trainings, IELTS Academic, General Training, English for Life Skills (in collaboration with AEO Pakistan and British Council), Chinese, English and other Languages Communication Skills Training, a number of Computer Based (IT) Trainings, Security (Pre-SIRA, Pre-PSCOD), Safety (in collaboration with Pakistan Safety Council), Aviation, Hospitality, Food Safety & Hygiene, Grooming Standards & Job Ethics, need based Corporate and Teachers’ Training.

Welcome to Wespak

You are warmly welcome at Wespak, a platform ensuring provision of quality training to the potential youth and putting them on the right rails so that they can tune up themselves with rest of the world. We are determined to help reduce hurdles and difficulties faced by Pakistani learners and workforce regarding their learning initially and thereafter their workplace challenges. In its struggle Wespak feels confident while negotiating with private and public sectors to acquire favor for Pakistani talent heading abroad. Wespak is resolute enough to extend all possible support to outgoing Pakistanis. Wespak feels pleased while claiming “We select, we educate, we train and we refine the talent”. Wespak aims at building relationships beside the projects keeping in view the limits beyond the skies.

Study Abroad

Making decision to pursue learning or working abroad has not been that easy for many until they reach out a reputed consultant. Education/business and employment consultants are great resource to use if you are thinking about study or work anywhere in the world. Wespak not only provides you information about study and work in abroad to make an informed decision but also continues to help you make transition overseas.

In recent years Wespak worked close with Australian, Chinese and European universities, provincial departments of education and related national departments of education. A goodly number of learners are pursuing their education in different offshore universities who received guidance by Wespak. We help students to get scholarships in diversified areas. In the same regard Wespak provides assistance in:

Specialized information is extended to all candidates under the supervision of highly experienced experts. If you further like to get any information about our services, or have any queries about career counseling or going abroad, please contact us now.

  • Information about America, Australia, Europe and Asia particularly China
  • Counseling and authentic academic information
  • Foreign exchange and insurance
  • Updated information on courses and universities
  • On-arrival services at diversified destinations including China.
  • Temporary accommodation arrangements.
  • Guidance about visa processing
  • Complete consultation for international students and their families after their departure


  • Result-oriented preparation by qualified faculty
  • Easy format exclusive coaching in English for Life Skills and other languages
  • World standard interview preparation, job ethics and grooming standard coaching
  • Friendly learning environment enabling learners best capitalize their innate potential
  • Computer lab with speedy internet access
  • Lighted, airy lecture rooms
  • Separate prayer area
  • Wide eating area and
  • Tour arrangements for every batch.

Wespak is based in the heart of central Rawalpindi wherefrom you can view the Margalla Range in its full glory. We would welcome you worm-heartedly and we will be happy to make our prospective learners observe Wespak facilities in person.