Testing Services

About WTS

WTS is formed to ensure quality educational standards in Pakistan and to provide a national scale for comparative grading among institutes, consolidating examination boards under an administrating body. WTS is a specialized wing of Wespak a self-sustained company which uses advance and modern technologies to fulfill its working requirements. Under this wing professional teams are formulated to design and conduct tests and assessments for scholarships, recruitment and promotion purposes. The main purpose of WTS is to maintain high merit and ensure best quality results in in compliance with the tight time deadlines. WTS tries to hand on excellence and assures quality, reliability, accuracy and most importantly credibility of entire system in a transparent way under firm security measures. Assessment and Tests through third parties are considered essential at present for admission / scholarships in colleges and universities and also for recruitment in government and private sectors. WTS provides these services to both the sectors, public and private. Administered by Headquarter based in Rawalpindi WTS operate through its five regional offices located in different cities that cover all five provinces and AJK. Our personnel bear required professional portfolios and qualifications which perfectly comply with the testing needs.

About WTS


We have envisioned becoming the most reliable potential hunting partners for public and private sector organizations to provide them with quality candidature while setting new standards in the country.


We are exclusively determined to conduct quality testing of candidates for either sector, public and private, as a mission. Our dependable approach accompanied by usage of latest technologies by highly proficient personnel sets benchmarks and guiding principles in the contemporary market place. And, to ensure the desired level of reliability WTS, by continuously upgrading its services, is committed to deliver even beyond the very expectations of its clients.

CEO’s Message

Right candidate for the right place is our prime objective. This platform is formulated for qualified youth who are curious to opt for a career that corresponds exactly to their innate potential and their academic excellence also for professionals who are eyeing to enhance their qualification through formal university education. WTS stands out among many testing agencies that are providing screening test services in Pakistan because it is utilizing modern day technologies and latest techniques of testing. The environment developed to achieve desired outcome is concurrent that is enacted through following a robust management development model. We strongly believe that human are the very capital that can pledge the success of any concern and we are working hard to make available the right person for the right job. Our aim is to scale up tech- capability so we are anxious to make sure the availability of a unique and top of the line testing services to all sectors and industries of the country. In addition to providing online testing mechanism to evaluate / screen ambitious graduates and post graduates either to win scholarships or to get admitted to universities we also aim to ensure talent exploring and recruitment solutions for public as well as private sector entities. We continuously invest in development of capable human capital by hiring, training, and placing professionals who can potentially lead successful delivery of business objectives and drive the corporate strategy perfectly fairly. It is our staunch belief that organizational culture together with commitment and professionalism is vital for pounding excellence and delivering targeted outcomes. Your success is our achievement which is why we celebrate together and rely on teamwork when it comes to formulating future strategies and plans. WTS envisions to transmute your dreams into reality and to make it happen we work on your desires today so as to help you grasp your very ambition.

Muhammad Shafique


Every invigilator is responsible to handle thirty candidates in test center. Generally, room with thirty seats is allotted to one invigilator; occasionally invigilator may help Chief Supervisor for candidates’ entry process and on help desk as well. Main responsibilities of Invigilator are not limited to the following:

  • To mark roll numbers on room chairs according to sitting plan.
  • To make candidates sit as per their roll numbers.
  • To verify roll no slip and identity of examinees.
  • To brief candidates on essentials of filling their answer sheet
  • To distribute answer sheet and question booklet to candidates
  • To mark attendance of candidates
  • To collect answer sheet and question booklet from examinees
  • To arrange answer sheet and question booklets according to roll numbers in the right order.


Objectives of WTS include conduction of administrator test for admissions, scholarships and recruitment purposes ensuring that candidates are assessed in fair and transparent way while considering the merit at all levels.

All those people who are engaged in this entire process of testing are properly trained; hence we trust them all and those who partner us by any means. We fulfill our commitments with clients to conduct assessment in fair and transparent way. It is WTS culture to execute right and legal things with greater enthusiasm and perfection. We have our staff in two categories permanent and daily wager. The workforce of WTS consists of 40 members who are highly skilled and competent to carry out their duties in Head office and Regional offices countrywide whereas trained daily wages staff from all over Pakistan conduct test in their assigned centers. Our daily wages staff is titled as Divisional Officer, Chief Supervisor, Supervisor, Invigilator and Data Entry Operator. Divisional officer have responsibility to make proper arrangement for tests in his /her respective division. WTS have total 30 divisional Officers who perform their task as per their JDs.